Our Services

We encourage our clients to integrate existing relationships with trustees, attorneys, accountants, and other professionals to ensure that we can take a personalized approach when creating financial solutions.

We deliver innovative, customized, solutions to individuals, businesses and organizations through a team of strategic financial professionals.  Products and services are offered through:

Securities America, Inc - a broker/dealer offering a wide range of investment Helping You Reach New Heights!products and the latest in technology for investors' accounts.

*JFGII - also provides life, disability, health, long term care insurance, annuities and work site benefits from a wide range of companies to seek the protection needs of clients.

As you look to the future, you can be confident that Jacobson Financial Group Investments & Insurance LLC, is committed to helping you work towards your unique financial goals.  We are always striving to help you reach new heights!

* JFGII and Securities America are seperate entities